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Harold O. Ogren

Harold  O. Ogren Professor Emeritus ( retired July 2010)
Elementary Particle Physics (Experimental)

B.S., University of Michigan, 1965.
Ph.D., Cornell, 1970.
Postdoctoral positions: Visiting Scientist, Frascati National Laboratory, Frascati , Italy, CERN Fellow, Geneva, Switzerland

Phone: Swain West 263 (812) 855-2992
Email: ogren at

My research area is experimental particle physics. I have worked on a number of colliding beam detectors over the years at the MEA detector at ADONE (e+e-), BSS at ISR(pp), the HRS detector at PEP (e+e-), Mark2 at SLC(e+e-), SDC on SSC(pp), OPAL at LEP(e+e-) and ATLAS at LHC(pp). One of my hardware areas has been tracking detectors and, in particular, vertexing chambers using straw drift tubes.

My major effort in the last decade has been the ATLAS detector at CERN. This detector began taking data in 2010, when the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) began operation at CERN. Our group at Indiana University built the barrel transition radiation tracker for this detector. I was the US manager for the project. In 2012 both large experiments at LHC ( ATLAS and CMS ) announced the discovery of a Higgs particle. In 2013 Peter Higgs and others received the Noble prize for this discovery.