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The department offers a variety of degree options including:

For complete degree requirements please refer to the recent edition of the College Bulletin.

The faculty has adopted a new sequence of courses for undergraduate majors pursuing a B.S. degree in Physics. The new curriculum will:

  • Provide a more intensive and interesting sophomore year, through the addition of a new course, "Techniques in Theoretical Physics," and an earlier introduction to advanced lab work.
  • Require more coursework in the junior, rather than senior, year. This will provide better and more appropriate preparation for the GRE's, and allow more opportunities for engaging in research during the final year.
  • Retain sufficient flexibility that students who make a 'late' decision to major in physics can still complete their degree requirements in four years.

The honors program requires a minimum GPA plus the requirement of performing research and the writing of a senior thesis.

The department has also created an applied physics track that is geared for preparing students for high-tech jobs in industry and laboratory settings. The curriculum for the applied physics track adds an instrumentation course and required summer internships.

The accelerated Master of Science Degree in Medical Physics provides students with a pathway through the applied physics curriculum to a graduate degree in 5 years

Typical Course Sequence for Program I, Physics B.S. Students:

Year Semester 1 (Fall) Semester 2


* Physics I
* Introductory Lab 1

* Physics II
* Introductory Lab II


* Physics III
* Modern Physics Lab

Theoretical Physics
Thermodynamics & Statistical Mechanics


* Analytical Mechanics I
* Electricity & Magnetism I
* Experiments in Modern Physics I

* Quantum Mechanics I
Analytical Mechanics II
Electricity & Magnetism II


Modern Physics
Research or Senior Thesis

Research or Senior Thesis

In the above table, required courses are indicated by a (* ). Others are recommended. Students have the option of taking the honors version of Physics I and Physics II.